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August 18, 2016

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Hossain Joy
Hossain Joy
Greetings! I would love to be connected with you for learning and sharing purposes. Personally, I am a Sales & Marketing Professional, continuous learner and an enthusiastic sightseer who loves to take challenges as well. I do believe we should always try to contribute to the society in our own way from our own position to develop the society as a whole. Out of the belief, I initiated a blog (www.hossainjoy.com) in 2017 to share my learnings and experiences with the youngsters who usually are confused about career plan and many a time frightened of the future. In this blog, I am incorporating the articles and case studies reflecting my own experiences that I have gained throughout my career till date. It’s about struggles, failures and successes. I hope this will widen your understanding about the career path, personal development and job market. I also expect it will lead you to a decision point regarding your own career. In case of any related query, I’m readily available to assist you with best of my efforts! So, how may I help you?